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Outback Steakhouse on HHI and in Bluffton SC  Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

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It's really cool living only a couple of minutes from Outback Steakhouse, as where I come from it use to take me 45 min. to get to the closest Outback. You got to hand to these guy's. I think they are the most consistent of all of the franchise restaurants. Now I wrote this review I'm going to post below a few months ago and just had not posted it yet. There are some changes today but all in all it's pretty much the same. You won't find a guest check on here because I visit so often.


We've all been to an Outback Steakhouse at one time or another and the food and service has always been at the very least "GOOD". As a formal restaurant owner and food lover, I can be pretty hard to please. Up north of the Mason Dixon line most Outback Steak Houses decided that their Creamy Onion Soup was not a big seller so they stopped serving it. Well, when I found out they had it at the Hilton Head Island Outback Steakhouse on 20 Hatton Place every other day, I thought certainly I was there on the right day! Right? No:=( Well when David my server seen I was disappointed, without my knowing he went to Siobhan Fallow-Managing Partner "12-19-2012" and told her about my disappointment. She came and consoled me and was very kind and professional. She explained the process of making the soup and that it was just not available today. "The soup is better after it sets a day to take in all the flavors". After she left my table about 20 minutes later she said they just got through making the soup for tomorrow but she was providing me with a bowl today. You can argue that this was the right thing to do or not but it meant the world to me.

I found it very thoughtful and I will eat there as often as I can because of the level of care and concern they have!

See Our Ad at ShopHHi.comNow today 7-19-2012 there is a new Managing Partner and his name is Randall Eschberger. The food is just as good as ever and I think the service is even a little better! Be sure to visit their webiste at www.outback.com and their Ad at www.shophhi.com  Visit with confidence!



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