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New York City Pizza Reviews on HHI Dining Review!

 New York City Pizza

New York City Pizza on Urbanspoonwww.ilovenycp.com 

With 2 Location on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton SC. Visit their website above for more information!

New York City Pizza on Hilton Head Island and on HHI Dining ReviewWe have visited New York City Pizza twice since living here on Hilton Head Island. Both times the food was very good.

Remember, we do not consider ourselves food critics. In fact I would rather offer an opinion on an establishment as a hole rather than on just 1 item or aspect of an establishment.

That being said, both of our visits again were very good. But on the first visit I did have an experience that kept me away for about 8 months. My second visit was kind of an accident as I did not know it was the same company. You see I forgot the name after my first visit. "I'm getting older". I figured out that they were the same after receiving our food. I'm telling ya, the pizza is really good. My wife ordered the lasagna and she said it was good but needed a little more seasoning for her taste.

As for my first visit, I took 7 golfing buddies to the Hilton Head Location in Dec. 2011 and everything was fine at first. The service was a little off "and they were not busy", our pizza's came out one by one as we ordered "5". Then I noticed that the one pizza that I was looking forward too did not have onions on it. I believe a pizza just isn't a pizza unless it has onions on it. I even asked for extra onions! Well the server apologized and said she would take care of it for us. The next thing I know she's bringing me a plate of grilled onions to dump on the pizza. Really? No! Not what I want. So they made me another pizza. Thank You. But I don't think they were very happy about it. Come on, I've worked in several pizza shops before. Just give the mistake to the crew and make a fresh one for the customer. That's all I wanted. Well obviously they did and again thank you.

Now when I mentioned this to the server at the 2nd location, she said well they can get really busy down there. Really? Again? Come on! Well I then asked for the Manager and he sat down and spoke with us about the incident. I know that customers can be really hard to please when it comes to dining. But the dining industry is the only industry where the customer truly is always right. Is it hard to deal with, sure! But it comes with the job. Most of all he was really kind and concerned. I informed him that I thought that if the server would have simply said, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at our other location. I promise to do my best for you hear tonight. Would you like to speak to my manager?" It would have ended there for me. I would have been a life long customer of HER's at NYCP Bluffton. Remember, it's just my opinion.

Now above is just an example of what going the extra mile can do for EARNING CUSTOMERS! That seems to be a common statement or phrase in the south "EARNING CUSTOMERS". Now I would recommend going to New York City Pizza simply because of the taste. I dislike saying anything negative about any dining establishment. After all, I went there with the hopes of a good meal and a positive experience. Over all, this is a very good place to dine. We gave it 3 Stars!


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