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The Crazy Crab on Hilton Head IslandThe Crazy Crab 

Crazy Crab (Jarvis Creek) on Urbanspoon Crazy Crab on Urbanspoon 

Sometimes you just can't say enough and this is one of those times. Our family has been visiting The Crazy Crab for 23 years and we have ALWAYS had the best of food, service and value.
The Crazy Crab Hilton Head Island on HHI Dining Review
For some reason The Crazy Crab really get's beat up on reviews online.The Crazy Crab Hilton Head Island on HHI Dining Review Now I know anyone can have an off night and as busy as these guys get it can certanly happen. But we have high regards for The Crazy Crab! Be sure to visit them any chance you get!
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