HHI Dining Review providing honest and fair reviews of restaurants in the Hilton Head Area.
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HHI Dining Review  

Dining On HHI


The HHI Dining Review offers an opinion on local dining on Hilton Head Island and it's surrounding areas. Everything from Taste, Food Quality, Cleanliness to Value!

Remember it's just my opinion as a customer from the front of the house!


My Point of View.
I started the HHI Dining Review because as a grandson of Restaurant and Diner owners on both sides of the family, an employee of everything from pizza shops to Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating star dining establishments and a former restaurant owner myself, I know how hard it is to meet every customers standards. I love food! I also love good service and a good value. This site was not designed to bash any one establishment. HHI Dining Review was designed to bring what I think is the best of the best for the forefront and the rest an opinion that will hopefully help them like a secret shopper.   

Now when I visit a dining establishment and witness the little things not being performed too take care of the customer it drives me crazy! Not to mention poor food perpetration, poor table service or just the lack of care. This happens everywhere routinely simply because of poor training and lack of care and common courtesy. However their are a few establishments that really get it. Either way HHI Dining Review is where I am sharing my opinion. 

So, this site is for the people who would like to know what's really out there before going out to spend your hard earned money to dine the family in this sluggish economy. After all, we could stay home and dine, correct? So let's go where the dining establishments really want our business! 



Who Do We Review?

We review any and all of the dining establishments we visit. We also post a receipt for proof of visit and value upon request.


Ratings and Opinions
Ratings will be given as Star Rating's up to 5 being the best. You won't see may 5 Star Rating's simply because Fine Dining is not really my cup of tea. For me it's a waste of time to make the food look "pretty" becasue I'm just going to eat it anyway. And again as it's just "my opinion".

Your Opinion.
Yes! A live forum is available for each dining establishment "My Wife & I" review and your opinion can be posted live. 

PLEASE! Be honest, fair and professional. If not your post will be removed. Remember, we only want to send more people to those striving to extend outstanding service and terrific food. We would also like to improve the places we tried even if we/you had a poor experience.

All post's will be read individually myself and I reserve the right to leave the post or remove it.


"I look forward to the reviews!

- Amy R., US -

"This was really a big help as the reviews were spot on!

-J.D. US -

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